Benefits of olive oil usage on your health and fitness

The history of olive oil is dated back to 1000+ years ago during the existence of the roman emperors. A fact that stands out on the usage the Mediterranean diet towards health and fitness is that it helps to reduce many diseases that are linked to diet inefficiency and heart ailments. This has been availed owing to the many undertaking in the quest to find for on the related maladies.

The first discovery on the importance of olive oil was derived from the quest on why most ancients Greeks were living longer than the Japanese considering that both their meals comprised of diets rich in salts and fats. It was thus unveiled that the Greeks due to constant use of olive oil, they were resistance to diseases such as heart disease, stomach cancer, and other forms of cancer.

Nature of olive oil
The oil is obtainable from the olive fruit on the Mediterranean lands. For you to obtain olive oil, the fruit must ripe well whilst still hanging on the tree. For that case, you will find that there are differing grades of olive oils and that sums up the different variety due to dissimilar purity and flavors associated with the fruits. The first and second grades of these oils are called –extra virgin oil- and – pure olive oil- respectively. The health and fitness benefits of olive oil owes to the fact that it is used a cooking ingredient and used in salad dressing of varying foodstuffs.

There are different types of fats, mainly three. They include; saturated fats, monounsaturated fats and poly unsaturated fats. Unlike cooking, corn and vegetables oils which are categorized under polyunsaturated fats, olive oil in monounsaturated and this primary difference gives it advantages over the former oils making it immense for health benefits.

Research has compared health and fitness benefits of olive oil to that of fish oil (contain omega 3 fatty acid vital for reducing high blood pressure and enhancing mental activities and other functions) because olive oil to has protects cardiovascular activities. Furthermore, it reduces the chances that you get affected by colon cancer.

Olive oil is vital for restoration of human body cholesterol level to normal, moreover to anti- colon cancer and pro-cardiovascular activities it has been observed as a fundamental way of reducing body weight. There are times when you shed more weight from the top part of your body compared to the lower. Well, that should not be an enigma any more as olive oil usage from the ancient Greeks has proved to help in general body weigh loss. That means more physical fitness.

Bottom line
If you care about your fitness concerns, it is about time that you start to use olive oil in you vegetable salads and primary cooking at home. Using it for secondary (specific) cooking purposes, you do not get the nutritional benefits wholly. Thus ascertain that every meal you serve or are served with it encompasses olive oil as the key components to better your health and fitness.