Birth control and its importance

Birth control is a term for different techniques and methods which are used to prevent the fertilization. In some cases couple does not want the child due to their sexual intercourse. For this purpose different techniques are used to stop the fertilization. The names of mostly used techniques are contraception, contragestion, behavioral methods, sterilization and methods in development. In contraception method barriers like condoms and diaphragm are used. Hormonal contraception which is also known as oral contraception has the use of combined oral contraceptive pill. You can use this pill according to the prescription of doctor to minimize the chances of fertilization.

Well, if we talk about the contragestion method then you will come to know about the use of intrauterine devices. These devices are used near to uterus. The purpose of these devices is same as that of contraceptive pill and condoms. Use of sterilization is very rare in people because it is quite expensive and very dangerous. In this method the tube, which carries the eggs of female to uterus for fertilization, is sealed or blocked by surgery. So the chances of fertilization become very low. It is a permanent method of birth control so people do not prefer this method. The success in surgical operation depends upon the age of the patient and damage done to tubes.

In behavioral methods method and timing of sexual intercourse is regulated by following methods. In these methods Lactational, fertility awareness and total abstinence are present. These were the general methods to minimize the fertilization process. Most common method for this birth control is the use of condoms. It is an elastic material which is used to cover the penis. During sexual intercourse this thing restricts the sperm to move out from the cover. So when the sperm will not fertilize with eggs of female then there will be no chance producing baby. It is supposed to be the best method in birth control because you cannot get any sexual disease or other hazardous problem in this method. This method is very safe and every person can use it.

Basically birth control terms refers to the prevention of fertilization. If any woman is pregnant and want to delay its delivery then she can find many pills from the medical store. The purpose of these pills is to delay the delivery time. You should keep in mind that these all methods should be under the consideration of a professional doctor. Side effects of using combined oral contraceptive pill are very rare. You can use it without any trouble. Another method of birth control is the use of vaginal ring. This ring is used on the vagina. Leaving this ring in for 3-4 weeks it starts to release the hormones like oestrogen which has the ability to make the barrier between the sperms and eggs. In such a way fertilization is prevented by the use of vaginal ring. I have discussed some methods for the prevention of fertilization. If anyone wants to prevent the fertilization the he/she can use them.

Use Birth control methods and control the world’s population

Problems are everywhere in the world. Some problems are related to one’s individual life and some are general. General problem is that problem which influence on the people of all over the world. Increasing population is one of such general problems due to which residence and food problems are increasing. There is no balance between the number of people and food resources. People are helpless to get food from resources. This was considered the major problem but now our governments are paying attention to this problem. I hope that one day we will succeed in solving this problem. We would have to consider this problem a major problem to solve it.

First of all I shall give you a short introduction about the birth control. It is an umbrella term used for many techniques and methods for the prevention of fertilization. In birth control methods, you will get knowledge about different techniques which are used by many people all around the world. The choice of the right technique is very important. You should choose the right technique according to your health, fitness and easiness of using it. Mostly women are happy in using contraceptive pills before the sexual activity. These pills can be bought from any medical store at cheap rate. Besides, these pills do not have a lot of side effects which you cannot treat easily. Before using the contraceptive pills, it is recommended that go for a medical checkup to your doctor and ask him about its use. If you are feeling uncomfortable during the use of pills then you should call an immediate help. They will give you immediate treatment.

Use of condoms is very common in every country. It is one of the best methods which are used for birth control. Condom is basically a device which restricts the sperms of man from moving towards the vagina. It is a wall between the penis and vagina. A lubricant is present in the condom to make the sex enjoyable and easy. You will feel less friction due to its use and remain safe from many hazardous sexually transmitted diseases. Before using any technique there should be an understanding between the both members of a couple. The birth of a new child depends upon their decision. If they are willing to have safe sex by using condoms and other methods then it is good for the world. According to my opinion only two children are enough to pass a happy life.

This is very wrong that many people do have sex till they produce a male baby. Many parents desire for a male baby and give births to many female babies in getting this desire. This wrong thinking is also playing its part to increase the world population. People should think about it. Such parents prefer their male child over female child. They should know that every child is the gift of God and they should take-care them without differentiating between male and female child. It is all about the birth control program and its techniques.