Luvox treats anxiety disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorders involving recurring thoughts or actions.

An antidepressant, Luvox belongs to a group of drugs known as Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs). The drug acts on the chemicals in the brain that causes anxiety and obsessive-compulsive symptoms.

You should strictly follow your doctor’s direction wile taking the drug. Do not take Luvox in large amounts or take it for prolonged periods unless your doctor has asked you. As Luvox drug is an extended release capsule, it should only be swallowed. Crushing, breaking or chewing the drug only releases more of the drug into he body.
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Effexor is given for treating mood changes like panic disorder and anxiety

Effexor is given for treating mood changes like panic disorder and anxiety. The drug, which belongs to the Selective Serotonin and Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors (SSNRIs), acts on the brain, thus restoring the balance.

The drug has to be taken with food. Well, the drug should only be swallowed, as it has to be slowly released. If you cannot swallow the drug, the granules can be mixed with some applesauce and taken.

It is always better to inform your doctor about all your health history before he prescribes Effexor. You should also tell the doctor about all the medications that you are taking as some drugs are known to interact with Effexor. The doctors may not prescribe the drug if you are taking any Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor or if allergic to venlafaxine. Inform your physician if you are having bipolar disorder, kidney or liver diseases, high blood pressure/ cholesterol, seizures and glaucoma.
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Lexapro - the safest antidepressant

LexaproLexapro helps to treat depression symptoms and the symptoms of anxiety. The medication works by increasing serotonin levels, but at the same time it does not affect other chemicals in the brain. It is very important to find a medication which could effectively treat the symptoms of depression and be well tolerated by a body. It increases the chances that you would continue taking the medicine up to the complete recovery and reduces the risks of relapses. Lexapro measures up to this description. Most healthcare professionals in Britain recommend their patients to buy Lexapro in uk. Lexapro is to be taken as directed by your doctor. The medication is taken by mouth with some water once a day at the same time each day. While taking Lexapro it is advised to use caution when driving, operating machinery or performing other potentially hazardous tasks. Lexapro may cause dizziness and relax attention. Buy cheap lexapro in uk, the medicine will help you to treat your depression effectively. By now Lexapro has been tested and approved as the most reliable and safest method of treating anxiety in the elderly. The common side effects of Lexapro include: sleepiness, dryness in the mouth and nausea.