Zithromax is a powerful antibiotic

Zithromax is a powerful antibiotic that is commonly used to fight bacterial infections. These include respiratory infections, ear infections, skin infections and certain sexually transmitted diseases. If you or anyone in your family gets one of these infections, there is a good chance that your doctor may prescribe Zithromax.

Bacteria live in their millions everywhere around you. And, although this may sound a little distasteful, thousands of bacteria live on your body. They are on your skin, in your stomach, in your bowels and even in your mouth. In fact, for us to remain healthy, we need certain bacteria. The ones on our body are safe and will not cause any harm.
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Antiviral drug Zovirax

Zovirax is an antiviral drug, which is prescribed for the treatment of herpes infections of the skin, lips, genitals and also against herpes zoster.

Zovirax does not completely cure the herpes but only gives some relief from the pain and itching. Zovirax comes in tablet, capsule and suspended form. The drug, which contains the active ingredient aciclovir, works by preventing the herpes virus from multiplying.

The drug can be taken with food or in empty stomach. It is better to take the drug with food to avoid stomach upset. The treatment with Zovirax drug has to begin soon after the first signs of herpes like blisters, tingling and burning. When you take Zovirax, the doctors also prescribe an applicator to prevent the herpes from spreading to other parts of the body. You have to always keep the lesions caused by herpes viruses clean and dry.
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What is Doxycycline used to treat?

As with any antibiotic, Doxycycline is only effective in the treatment of sickness caused by vulnerable bacteria. Although it is classified as a broad-spectrum antibiotic, i.e. it is effective against several different types of bacteria, its effect is limited to those bacteria. If you take this drug and laboratory testing later shows your infection is caused by a different bacterium, this drug will be completely ineffective. You will have to switch to the correct antibiotic or antiviral drug, i.e. your original antibiotic will have absolutely no effect if you have fallen prey to a virus. That means it is very important to get a proper diagnosis from your doctor before you take any antibiotic. Doctors have local knowledge and know whether there are local trends suggesting a common cause (the epidemiology and susceptibility patterns). Trusting the name and taking Doxycycline without a doctor’s approval may make the drug less effective for you in later use, i.e. all the bacteria that survive your first self-administered treatment, will be more resistant the second time when you actually need it to work.
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