Albuterol is given for patients having bronchospasm

Albuterol is given for patients having bronchospasm. Albuterol comes in the form of inhaler and nebulizer.

While using Albuterol, care should be taken that you follow very strictly the prescription. Moreover, you should also be careful in using the inhaler and nebulizer devices. Moreover, do not go for larger doses as it can only bring in many complications.

Before the doctor confirms to give you albuterol, inform him about all your medical conditions and also your allergies. Tell the doctor if you have any problems related to the heart or blood. This will help the doctor to make a decision whether Albuterol can be prescribed or not.
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singulairI have been taking Singulair for a rather long time (7 years or so). Singulair has been the only medication that is good for me when I have asthma and seasonal allergies. I can not do without it a day. The drug decreases swelling and inflammation, which impede passing air through breathing passages. It also relaxes walls of bronchioles letting more air to pass. No other drug could facilitate my state in the period of acute condition of the disease. A year ago I realized that I was pregnant. It was the happiest occasion in my life. The only upsetting thing was my conjecture that I would not be able to take Singulair during pregnancy. I know that many other asthma medications are contraindicated during carrying a baby. However I decided to consult my doctor. To my luck it turned out that Singulair is not expected to be hazardous to a health of an unborn baby. I took Singulair during my pregnancy and gave a birth to a healthy child. Of course I had some of Singulair side effects (weakness, fatigue, dizziness), but they are nothing in comparison with its positive effect. I now breastfeed and have not interrupted taking Singulair. It is good that due to Singulair I was able to bear a child without much discomfort for myself.