Effexor is given for treating mood changes like panic disorder and anxiety

Effexor is given for treating mood changes like panic disorder and anxiety. The drug, which belongs to the Selective Serotonin and Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors (SSNRIs), acts on the brain, thus restoring the balance.

The drug has to be taken with food. Well, the drug should only be swallowed, as it has to be slowly released. If you cannot swallow the drug, the granules can be mixed with some applesauce and taken.

It is always better to inform your doctor about all your health history before he prescribes Effexor. You should also tell the doctor about all the medications that you are taking as some drugs are known to interact with Effexor. The doctors may not prescribe the drug if you are taking any Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor or if allergic to venlafaxine. Inform your physician if you are having bipolar disorder, kidney or liver diseases, high blood pressure/ cholesterol, seizures and glaucoma.

While you are on Effxor medication, you should be under the watchful eyes of the doctor, as the drug is known to induce thoughts of suicide. Pregnant women and breast should not use the drug as it is known to cause harm to the unborn and the new born kids.

As like all drugs, a person can experience many side effects while taking Effexor. Hives, rashes, swelling and breathing difficulty are some of the allergic reactions that one can experience while taking Effexor.

A person who is using Effexor can also come across side effects including blood pressure, high fever, easy bruising, feeling unsteady, headache, memory problems, confusion, memory problems and fainting.