Erectile dysfunction

cialis professionalA large number of systemic chronic diseases and illnesses cause erectile dysfunction by affecting the vascular, neurological, hormonal, or psychological mechanisms. Chronic peripheral vascular occlusive disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes mellitus are among those predisposing factors for erectile dysfunction that have been touched on earlier in this site. All these factors can be controlled, and the thing that will help you to do this is cialis professional.

In one report, about 60 percent of men suffering from scleroderma, a vascular disease of the skin, exhibited small artery lesions that decreased blood supply to the penis. Chronic renal failure has been reported to cause erectile dysfunction in up to 40 percent of men affected. Erectile dysfunction may affect as many as 50 percent of the patients with alcohol-induced cirrhosis of the liver.

The AIDS epidemic has brought us terrifying images of chronic illness and death among the young and at the same time a characteristic neuropathy develops, which includes neurogenic erectile dysfunction.
Loss of erection was reported in 53 percent of a group of fifty-five male Alzheimer’s disease patients. This group had a mean age of 70 years52 but interestingly did not show a correlation between the degree of erectile dysfunction and the degree of cognitive impairment, age, or degree of depression.

Chronic obstructive lung disease, emphysema, has also been reported to be associated with erectile dysfunction. A large number of patients with this problem are chronic cigarette smokers and one would suspect the mechanism to be related to vascular disease, but in this report this group of patients had no higher incidence of vascular disease, as assessed by ultrasound examination of their peripheral pulses. This Study suggested that the pulmonary disease itself may be the primary etiologic factor.

Other chronic problems, such as anorexia nervosa, have resulted in erectile dysfunction associated with the neurological complications. The erectile dysfunction symptoms in one group of patients were reversed by treating their electrolyte and fluid deficiency.

Men suffering from depression may have erectile dysfunction secondary to decreased testosterone levels, caused by elevated levels of an endocrine factor (corticotropin-releasing factor). Interestingly, the treatment of this condition with antidepressive drugs sometimes worsens the erectile dysfunction.