How Does Levitra Work

Levitra is a prescription medication that is used to treat impotency. Levitra is the newest medication on the market that is going to give you back your ability to have an erection. Levitra has only been made available in August 2003. Millions of men are already switching over to Levitra because levitra works faster than Viagra. Levitra is also being marketed by the makers, GlaxoSmithKlie and Bayer as having fewer side effects than Viagra.

Levitra is going to work on helping your body achieve an erection within just sixteen minutes of when you take it. This allows you shorter foreplay, and faster sexual relations when you were least expecting that you were going to have a need for an erection.

Levitra works to block those inhibitors in your systems, which are blocking your blood flood to your penis. When you want an erection, there has to be blood flow to your penis in order for an erection to take place, which is where Levitra comes in. Levitra makes it possible for your blood to flow normally when you are aroused.

Levitra is going to help more men than Viagra achieve erections because of its ability to block the inhibitors while pushing your blood flow naturally to your penis. There are many trial reports that state Levitra has allowed men to have erections for up to twenty-four hours after taking Levitra.

Levitra is also known as Vardenafil. There are a few side effects with using Levitra which – some men report a nasal congestion while using Levitra, some men have headaches while other men report having a flushing (hot) feeling or a feeling of indigestion. Levitra side effects are not common with all men and not all side effects felt by some men where felt all the time while using Levitra.

There are some men who should not be using Levitra which include men who are on nitrate medications, men who have high blood pressure or men who are using Viagra at the same time.