Kamagra and alcohol

KamagraWhen you buy Kamagra and read the warnings in the package you evidently notice that it’s highly recommended to not use Kamagra when consuming alcohol. There are reasons this mix can cause damage to your health so be cautious.

The thing about alcohol is that it will increase the chance of experiencing the negative side-effects of Kamagra that may even be unknown to those not drinking. If you read the instructions carefully you will see that it is not recommended to take Kamagra in conjunction with blood thinning drugs. And alcohol is actually a blood thinner, that’s why it is advised to not take alcohol when undergoing any kinds of surgeries, even tattoo or piercing procedures. Because it may actually lead to bleeding that is very hard to stop.

Some men prefer taking a few drink before engaging in a sexual intercourse, because they believe it might prolong their erection and make their overall sexual performance better. In case you’re not taking Kamagra that actually might work. But if you have experienced problems with erectile dysfunction and are taking Kamagra as a treatment, consuming alcohol is a bad idea. Because you might end up with a severe headache and an increased heartbeat that will make you forget about sex and race for a doctor.