Levitra Generic

Levitra Generic belongs to a group of drugs called phosphodiesterase inhibitors. Its main use is to treat men who are suffering with erectile dysfunction. The active component is vardenafil HCl.

Although erectile dysfunction can occur in all age groups of men, it is more prevalent in men who are older than 40 years. Injuries and certain diseases can be the cause of erectile dysfunction. But erectile dysfunction can also be a result of emotional problems.

If a man is going through a traumatic time in his life, such as a divorce or having problems at work, he might become impotent (impotence is another word for erectile dysfunction). Or he might be suffering with some psychological disorder like depression or anxiety. Men with low self-esteem or those who lack self-confidence can be prone to erectile dysfunction.

When a man is sexually impotent he cannot have proper sexual intercourse because he is unable to get a suitable erection. The situation becomes more demoralizing the longer it goes on. If you are suffering with this upsetting condition, the answer is to visit your doctor. Do not be bashful about speaking to your doctor.

If your doctor suggests you use Levitra Generic, you can feel confident that you have been prescribed a trusted medication. How does Levitra Generic work? This drug creates a chemical process in your bloodstream that dilates the blood vessels and muscles. This lets blood flow freely to your penis during sexual stimulation. When this happens you can achieve an erection firm enough for intercourse.
When your doctor has given you a script for Levitra Generic, you must ensure that you follow the instructions. You must never take more, or less, of this medication unless your doctor has told you to. For best results, you should take a dose of Levitra Generic approximately 1 hour before you start sexual stimulation. You can only take Levitra Generic once a day. Allow 24 hours to pass before your next dose.