Male Breast Cancer

Unlike women, breast cancer is not very common in men but this disease act very deadly especially in men, according to the latest research. It is found that male breast cancer is not similar to the female breast cancer and it also has more opportunities of recovery, said by author Dr. Jon Greif. Commonly, men do not receive such type of standard treatment of cancer as female receive. Grief added that the recovery rate of men in breast cancer is too much low as compare to the women if it is diagnosed in the early stage. Breast cancer in both gender also differ from different aspects. His team and grief himself warned that difference in the men breast cancer is not easily curable in the clinical practice. A limitation is present for researcher that what they generated the data base for such people is not showing the actual reasons of the patient’s death. Unfortunately many of the men are unaware about the breast cancer but approximately 2200 men are recorded in America with breast cancer in this year. This report was generated by American cancer society and estimate that 410 persons will die in USA due to breast cancer.

Greif compared the data of different years in which he considered 13000 men with the breast cancer and 1.4 million women with such problem. This data covered 1998 to 2007 years. Researchers also found the properties of cancer along with survival rate of men against this problem by considering patients age, ethnicity and many other factors. More likely men were black with the breast cancer as compare to the women (11.7 percent versus 9.9 percent) but less likely with Hispanic (3.6 percent versus 4.5 percent), according to the research. Cancer problem in men diagnosed average at the age of 63 as compare to the women whose diagnosing average age is 59 years. Men tumor become too much large and mostly diagnose at the later stage with other differences like involvement of lymph nodes, high speed of spreading in different parts of the body and many more. There is very little bit chance that men receive like partial mastectomy and radiation against breast cancer, latest study found. It is also noted that women survival chance after suffering from breast cancer is 83 percent which is little bit high than men which is 74 percent. This study is based on all breast cancer patients whatever their cancer stages are. When researcher studied on the early stage of cancer, it is found that the recovery rate in women with breast cancer was too much high as compare to the men. He added that women should go for mammography in different time periods in this way this problem can be diagnosed at very early stage when tumor is too much small and easy to cure. It is very crucial to give awareness about breast cancer to the men. Both gender should consider it very serious problem and should go for treatment as soon as possible.