Natural penis enlargement pills

penis enlargement pillsWhen men become sexually aroused the brain releases a hormone that instructs the body to send blood to the penis, this influx of blood engorges the Corpus spongiosum and Corpora cavernosa, spongy tissues in the penis, which absorb the increased amounts of blood and expand, causing an erection.

Natural, safe and guaranteed penis enlargement pills work in very much the same manner to naturally enlarge your penis as building up any muscle in your body. By “exercising” the existing muscle we cause it to “break down”. Then during periods of rest the muscle “repairs” itself by adding new layers of cells onto the old ones. Over a period of time, the muscle grows back larger and stronger.

By using safe, natural and guaranteed penis enlargement pills, you will train yourself to properly stimulate the penis “muscle” which over time will cause your penis to grow longer, thicker and also much harder.

Many men report a noticeable increase in penis size within a few weeks of using safe and effective penis enlargement pills.