Neurontin was originally designed to imitate the mechanism of GABA

Remedial medicines such as neurontin are popular for their action against neuralgia and epilepsy. Neurontin was originally designed to imitate the mechanism of GABA, natural nerve impulse suppressors, and reduce the nervous excitability. But it acted in a way different from that of GABA by acting on calcium channels and regulating neurotransmitter release rather than acting on chloride and potassium channels and interfering with nerve impulse conduction.

Gabapentin or Neurontin is known for relieving pain caused due to reasons other than the direct stimulation of pain receptors. Such pain is called neuralgic pain. Combined with a similar medicine flumazenil, it is an authorized treatment against the adverse withdrawal symptoms of alcohol addiction and cocaine addiction. It readily cures a large collection of neuropathies including epilepsy. Epilepsy is not a single disorder rather it is characterized by a number of impairments. Seizures, an important symptom of epilepsy, are reduced significantly by the use of Neurontin.

Neuralgia, nystagamus, major depression and complex regional pain syndrome are other important diseases against which Neurontin provides effective cure. Women suffering from post menopausal “hot flashes” are also advised the use of Neurontin.

Orally taken, the medicine could be prescribed with strength of 1200mg before sleeping for about two months. Sudden cessation of treatment by Neurontin is observed to cause its own withdrawal symptoms. Lower the dosage gradually when advised to stop taking Neurontin.

Side effects of the medicine include dizziness and edema of limbs. Excessive dosage of the medicine is suspected to cause toxicity of liver and kidney and also blurred vision, impaired speech and even coma.

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