Nolvadex is often used in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer in women

Nolvadex is often used in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer in women and gynocomastia in athletes and bodybuilders. Gynocomastia refers to the condition where tumours develop in the mammary glands due to the use of steroids. Using steroids results in an increase in the production of estrogen in the body.

Estrogen normally binds with receptor sites within the breast, which tends to cause tumours. Nolvadex prevents this by competing with estrogen in binding to these sites instead. The drug does not eliminate estrogen from the body, which will just float around. This has a number of benefits.

Estrogen is helpful in the proper functioning of the immune system, and getting rid of it from the body can make it easy to get infections. Estrogen also helps in having stronger muscles.

Nolvadex has its own side effects that you should bear in mind before you start using it. The common symptoms you may experience are fatigue, vomiting, nausea, swollen feet, and hot flushes. The drug can also result in poor vision, abrupt mood changes, and ease of bruising. Women may also suffer from irregular menstrual cycles while the men can lose interest in having sex.

Some bodybuilders have suffered from reduced gains, which is most likely because of the drug’s reduction of Insulin-like Growth Factor that helps in muscle growth.

Some drugs can have serious reactions when taken together with Nolvadex, hence you should seek medical advice before you use the drug or any other drug while you are still taking this medication.