Revatio side effects

revatioSome people falsely state that generic Revatio versions that can be purchased online are riskier for your health than brand name Revatio. That’s completely false. It’s true that you have some fraud sites selling imitation medications which may or may not contain the real ingredients and which may be producing the drugs under unclean conditions but as long as you buy your generic Revatio from a reputable site you should have no problems, even if it’s off shore; remember that ingredient wise, generic Revatio has the exact same synthetic ingredient as the brand name version. So the side effects you may suffer are the same for both brand name and generic versions of the drug.

Normal side effects may include:
• Headaches
• Sneezing
• Prolonged Erections
• Visual Changes (some people claim they see a bluish tinge)
• Palpitations and photophobia

More serious side effects may include:
• Severe Hypotension
• Stroke
• Ventricular arrhythmias
• Intraocular pressure

Having problem in getting erection? It is Impotence may be

Are you experiencing any kind of problem in pleasing your sex partner? Do you lose your erection at very initial stage when you start sexual intercourse with your partner? If it is so, then you may be a victim of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a sexual problem which only affects the sexual health of men. The reason behind this is that it decreases the blood flow through the blood vessels. The same blood passes through the veins of penis and the reduction in flow causes problems for man to get erection. In other words, we can say that man does not get erection in the normal way when he is feeling sexually excited. There is a natural system in every male which prepares the man for sexual activity when he finds anything sexually pleasurable. Usually, when a male see a woman in such a dressing which is seductive, then his mind sends hormones to that part of body which have to play important role in sexual intercourse. Meanwhile, penis gets the erection and man feels happy to have that partner. But nothing such happens in an ED patient.

You may know that impotence chances are higher for aged people because there blood vessels are not strong enough to allow high flow rate of blood. Since blood flow rate does not increases with the sexual excitement, so such men cannot do sex at that age. So if you are unable to get erection due to age problem, then it is natural and you do not need to worry about it. Contrary to this, if you are quite young and still facing this problem then you must contact a doctor who can guide you and prescribe you those medicines which can help you in getting erection. Medicines are easily available for its treatment at cheap rate so every man can easily afford them. But one thing is important to tell you that these medicines are only for those who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. If you are having a good health without any sexual problem, then you must avoid its use. It has been noticed that some males use medicines only just to increase their erection time. They think that pre-mature ejaculation does not allow them to increase their erection time and this medicine will help them in this regard. This is totally wrong. The only purpose of using medicines is to increase the blood flow. You should not expect anything else from these medicines.

Now I shall tell you some causes of erectile dysfunction. You may be a victim of erectile dysfunction due to any of these causes. Obesity or bad diet is one of the main causes of ED because it reduces the flow area of blood vessels so less blood flows through it. Diabetes is another main cause of ED and person gets this problem either due to his diet or from genetics. Some other causes are mental stress, blood pressure, spinal cord injury and kidney or liver disease etc.