Rogaine is effective drug for promoting hair re-growth

Rogaine is an effective solution used that helps in the regrowth of hair in persons who experience hair loss or thinning hair. The solution is known to dilate blood vessels in the head scalp, which improves the functions of the hair follicles.

You should have to follow your doctor while applying Rogaine. Only apply the solution after the scalp is dried. When applying, you have to be careful that it does not enter the mouth, nose and eyes. Moreover, the Rogaine solution should not be applied to any part.

Always apply the correct dosage of Rogaine as prescribed. An overdose can only increase the risk of side effects. Once you start applying Rogaine, you can see the difference in about four weeks. If you do not come across any improvement within this period, better stop Rogaine and contact the doctor.

Rogaine should not be applied if the scalp skin is sunburned or damaged. If the drug is applied on a damaged skin, there is a great chance for the drug to be absorbed into the body. Well, Rogaine should also be not used with any other ointment in the scalp.

You should have to tell your doctor about your health problems before he scribbles Rogaine for your hair problems. Tell the doctor if you have any heart related issues or blood related problems.

Just like all drugs, Rogaine also comes with many allergic reactions and may side effects. If you feel any uneasiness after applying Rogaine, better contact the doctor.