The negative effect of Finasteride

Hair thinning is among the major problem being encounter by both men and women. Any possible hair loss treatments or remedies are being considered just to cure them of any possibilities of being bald-headed. Among this prescribed medicine is called Finasteride, commercially called as Propecia. This drug is known for its abilities to facilitate hair thinning problem, but is this the best hair treatment that you’re seeking for?

Propecia acts by suppressing the output of DHT (dihydrotestorone) in the whole body. It helps prevent free testosterone from DHT conversion. DHT ruins the scalp and reduces hair follicle and forbids hair from growing. This is to be taken orally and this is a daily intake. Once treatment starts, you’ll see the benefit within 5 to 6 months period.

Clinically tested, this drug is efficient especially for hair thinning treatment basically at the hairline and the crown area. Nevertheless, Propecia is very good in curing baldness in male pattern but completely worthless if applied to women because it will cause severe congenital defect in male fetuses. That’s why this drug is prohibited to women.

Nevertheless, if you stop taking Propecia, hair starts thinning and this signifies of you being hooked to this drug. Actually, this is among the negative side effect you’ll be getting from this drug. There are known side effect of this drug. Just bear in mind that this negative effects are being observed on 2% users of Propecia.

Negative effects of Propecia are these:
• Diminishing sexual urge
• Difficulty in attaining an erection
• Impotency
• Tenderness and Enlargement of the breast
• Blackheads
• Oily Skin especially on the face
• Acne problems

Innermost cases, this effect might end if you tend to stop the medication. Before you speculate that this drug could be the best for your hair thinning treatment, first, do research, much better to consult your doctor and ask for advice regarding this drug.

Even if it’s only 2% users of Propecia affect this issue, do you prefer to take the risks? Remember, while effects will change, in general, you will not be able to grow back all the hair you’ve lost.