Too busy to live healthy: 4 hacks to help you out

No matter how hard you try, somehow, the busy lifestyle always gets in the way to finding the time to take care of your health. If you find yourself having little or no time to cook, exercise and spend quality time with your family, these few simple changes in your habits can help you.

Meal planning and pre-made meals
A lot of people work the whole day long, which leaves them very little time to cook. Eating take-out, fast food or simply not having enough home-cooked meals can take a serious toll on your health and the health of your family. Instead, take a few hours every week to cook several simple but healthy meals and freeze them. If you don’t like the taste of re- heated meals, simply cook until 15-20 minutes before the meal is done. Freeze these meals and finish cooking once you un-freeze your meals. This is, by now means, a healthier alternative to having a fresh, cooked meal, but definitely is a better option to eating out or having fast food.

No time to exercise? Spend time in nature!
The little time you have to spend with your family, you probably use to visit amusement parks and restaurants. Instead, try spending a day in nature, in the fresh air, while hiking and playing sports. This is a better alternative to passive sitting in a restaurant or paying to spend a day in the amusement park, which your children benefit very little in comparison to spending time in nature.

Tone down the microwave!
Turn to good old pots and stove, because microwaving food destroys a lot of nutrients in what would normally be a healthy meal. Have you ever wondered why you keep getting sick, despite your best efforts to eat healthy?

Dump the microwave, or leave it for rare occasions when you don’t have the time to heat your meal on the stove.

Carry your own lunch and snacks to work
The first thing you will do when you get hungry at work is to head to the nearest store and buy the first thing that catches your eye. How often do you actually buy a healthy lunch? Instead of that, make a sandwich at home, pick up some soup in a thermos and bring enough food to make extra snacks in case you get hungry after lunch or on your way home.

No matter how busy you think you are, there are always ways to work around your busy schedule and incorporate healthy living habits into it. Keep trying to find ways to improve your health. Your health should be your first priority, so never forget to treat yourself the way you truly deserve.